Online Shopping without sign up!

Simplify your sign up process using your SyenApp’s unique account. You can use the same account for all kinds of store signups, online promotions, order pickups and for your receipts as well. With easy clicks, show/hide what you want to see and unsubscribe easily. Download the app to keep your email address safe and secure!

All-in-one App

Features of Our App

All In One

View all Conversations by each retailer, Hide the retailers you don’t wish to see, web view for in-app purchasing. Get promotions from your stores and as well marketplace deals in one place.

All receipts

Take a picture of your paper receipts, get your electronic receipts and get them all to your SyenApp. All receipts are organized, searchable and keep them for 3 years.

Meaningful insights

Know your spending by Creditcard vs cash at both online Vs at store. Get impactful and useful insights on your shopping spending with rich visualizations.

All about SyenApp

Consumers today are frustrated with so many zombie like sign up emails in their inbox. So much cluttered emails with no use and residing in the inbox for years. So many apps for deals and coupons. Can’t keep up with too many paper receipts while their inbox is filling up with spam.

SyenApp is a mobile app that was founded with the goal of handling this better. There should be one app that can act like an email address only to receive all the clutter signups, promotions, coupons, order confirmations and receipts. And this shouldn’t be just another email address or an app to store coupons, but a one place where one can see all their deals from marketplace while keeping their personal/work email address safe and clutter free.

Leverage the robust cross platform APP to get all your promotions from stores, marketplace deals, your paper & electronic receipts in one place. Avoid giving your personal email address at the one time signups and safeguard your emails. Personalize your interests, so you can control and see only what you want to see.

How it works?

Install the App

Download the app from Play store or App store in a moment and install it on your android or iOS device

Setup your profile

Enter your phone number, verify your phone number with OTP and select your interests! Now you are ready to go!

Enjoy the features!

Enjoy all features such as My Stores, My Deals, My Receipts, Retailer list, Conversation view and Conversation detail

Awesome Design

Simple & Beautiful Interface

Download the App

Keep your email address safe and secure! Email Promotions will never stop coming like Zombies they say. Zombies are just so easy to kill but not email subscriptions. Keep your personal email address for personal communications. Use the SyenApp account for these. Download the app right now!


We collect phone number just for the authentication. And this app will be accessible only with the phone number registered. Answers to secret questions will be required to change the phone number.

All the conversations and the receipts data is encrypted with Encryption at rest.

No one apart from you will have access to your personal/conversational data. We do not read your SyenApp conversations.

You can only access your data through the application, and only through your registered phone number. There is no web application for SyenApp.

To change your registered mobile number, you will have to enter the answers to the secret questions you had set when you signed up. Once you are done with that, you will receive an OTP to your new mobile number, and post authentication, your number will be changed.

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