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Get your brand identified and trusted as you engage with potential leads for a higher engagement.


Relevant content to the right profile is what can help advertisers get more impressions, CTAs, higher ROAS.


Your one stop shop to get highly intent traffic, leads that are genuine and of high potential.

Your New Marketing Partner Platform With Consumer in Focus

We help brands as the only consumer-controlled marketing platform with high intent consumers for their content using Artificial Intelligence that drives brand recognition & trust  resulting in higher engagements and conversions.

SyenApp  is the Internet’s first consumer-controlled marketing and shopping platform that enables brands and advertisers to interact and engage with consumers through various channels and content. We help brands and advertisers save on their marketing spend with efficient strategies on our effective channel.  We can orchestrate the data, automate customer engagement and measure metrics for your campaigns.  

The power of Email Marketing , In-App Engagement,  Content Curation all built into one channel that can measure and support your campaigns and customer analysis.  We enable commerce through emails, mobile messaging and content delivery while giving more control to the consumers. 

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