SyenApp – Internet’s only consumer controlled marketing platform

SyenApp has been featured on #StartupGrind’s medium blog, as one of the 11 Standout Startups. It has made its way into this splendid recognition by intelligently integrating technology to bring retailers & #consumers on a common platform. An interesting app that stores #promotions, #coupons, #deals, #orders, #receipts– all of these in one place with a user-friendly interface.

Participated in Accelerate at the Europe Conference. SyenApp is definitely a breakthrough in the #consumer goods/ services industry, enabling convenient as well as widespread usage, globally.

It is an app that has instantly created a buzz in the industry concerning consumers as well as
marketers. It is regarded as the internet’s only core platform that enables consumers to manage
#opt-ins and #subscriptions. Since the real control of the market is now with the consumers, we materialize that for you. SyenApp is surely setting the future standard for marketing that ensures permission control for consumers

Let’s see the unique features which give SyenApp an edge over others-

Integrating purchases:

It integrates purchases from various apps. This app does a fabulous job, be it #record keeping or #deals found. It makes the user interaction hassle-free. The user no longer worries about tracking purchases.

  • Decluttering junk:

It #declutters email junk or promotions. Everything from deals, coupons, promotions, and receipts is stored in this app. Thus, it makes your digital experience, clutter-free.

  • Consumer-control:

The power now lies with the #consumer. This app does that for you. By giving the consumer control over marketing, makes the #purchase experience convenient & #consumer-driven.

  • Eco-consciousness:

The receipts are #paperless, prevent unnecessary usage of various apps, and generate a
#centralized platform for all such engagements. What an incredible way to contribute to the global
eco-conscious conversations!

  • Personalization:

Your way is the SyenApp way! This app #streamlines unique deals for consumers based on their preferences. #Personalization is the key. Once you are on board, you will enjoy the tailored deals & promotions it offers especially for you.

SyenApp has thus broken grounds in the niche of consumer-centric marketing experience. It has been highly claimed as worthy by thousands throughout the globe. What we are building here is not just a product, but a platform that eases your shopping undertakings. For more details, visit  today!