Brave Vs DuckDuckGo Vs SyenApp:  Which Private Browsing Option is Right for You?

brave vs duckduckgo vs syenapp

When you browse normally, it keeps a track of your browsing history. It may even save your passwords and store cookies that may be used to track you across the web, social media threatening your privacy. If you choose to keep your search, browsing, and other such information private, then you can switch to a private browser.

Here  in this blog, we will talk about three major private browsers that ensure optimum security of users’ data. Brave vs DuckDuckGo and the other new entrant is SyenApp. They differ in certain respects. While Brave and DuckDuckGo are privacy-focused browsers and search engines,  SyenApp is a game-changing, privacy-focussed shopping app that guarantees data privacy while delivering an elevated shopping experience. 

Let’s get to the features directly#

Brave – open-source web browser built with security, speed, and privacy. It offers

  1. Ad blockers– Blocks Ads and trackers by default
  2. Faster Browsing – Provides a faster browsing experience, but some users complain on the heave usage of your RAM and battery usage.  
  3. Tracker Protection – Provides complete tracker protection by blocking 3rd party cookies and trackers
  4. Rewards – Users get a crypto wallet that pays the users 

DuckDuckGo – a privacy-first search engine for protecting user’s identity while browsing online

  1. Tracker Protection – DDG provides complete tracker protection by blocking third-party cookies and trackers across web pages, emails, etc.
  2. Minimal Data Collection – Unlike other search engines, DuckDuckGo collects only a little information about the user, reduces the digital fingerprint
  3. Search Engine – Since its inception, DuckDuckGo has earned a reputation of alternative search engine which is mainly focused on privacy. Ranked 2 in the US, Canada, Australia and other nations.
  4. DuckDuckGo Mobile – Burnbar in the DDG mobile app allows you to close all tabs and clear your browsing history at the end of each browsing session. It won’t store your data, offering complete control over search history. 

SyenApp: a game-changing privacy-focused shopping app with a private browser. 

It is specifically built for shopping and brand experience unlike the other two.  So SyenApp is a privacy-focused app with a purpose and that’s the shopping experience.

  1. Browsing Experience –  SyenApp has a prevetted database of more than 10,000 brands and retailers’s websites and thereby it restricts only those websites to be accessible on the App. SyenApp uses a light-weight web view to load the brand’s websites instead of a traditional browser making it faster and more secure.
  2. Tracker Protection – completely blocks all third-party cookies and trackers by default when browsing any brand’s webpage for shopping.  
  3. Email Protection – provides an @syenapp address for free to be used for subscribing to the brand’s newsletters and to receive your e-receipts.
  4. Search & Discover – It allows you to search and discover brands, products, and deals all in one place in private with ease of use.  Bring your emails and receipts too.
  5. Personalization & Rewards – Personalize the shopping experience by curating and tailoring the content for users showing recommended brands, deals, etc.  Users get instant rewards for shopping for their favorite brands.


Brave, DuckDuckGo, and SyenApp are different platforms that have been developed to protect users’ privacy in the digital landscape. The selection between these platforms specifically depends on your requirements and priorities. If you are concerned about protecting your online browsing, you can choose to go with DuckDuckGo or Brave. But note, these are not built for shopping. They often overlook the core functionalities of a better shopping and brand experience online. On the other hand, if you want to shop privately, SyenApp offers the best private shopping experience where you can enjoy personalized shopping without compromising data security.  Shop in Private and earn Rewards.  For a true private shopping experience, SyenApp is the internet’