Gift Card Hacks – Check Out the Art of Scoring Freebies  

hack gifts cards

Gift cards are one of the most popular marketing tools which are used by most businesses in today’s age. It helps to generate new sales and bring more profit to a business. Besides this, it also gives pleasure to customers as they can enjoy shopping, dining at their preferred places, or watching their favourite movie without spending their own cash. So, if you are a shopaholic person, how would you react if you get gift cards or rewards for free on every purchase of your favourite brand? Here, in this blog, you will come to know about some legitimate ways how to get gift cards online.  

Online survey and reward programs  

One of the most effective and common ways to earn free gift cards is by participating in online reviews and surveys. Companies often seek their customers’ feedback, and they give out rewards to those who participate in the survey. Besides this, there are some secure shopping browser applications that let you enjoy shopping your way by offering gift cards online. In fact, you can earn free reward points on every purchase you do through the app. SyenApp is one such application that provides a whole new shopping experience to the users where customers can gain gift cards or rewards on every purchase through the app.  

Cashback through websites  

Another smart way to get a gift card is to install a cashback app and shop through it. Apps like SyenApp provide up to 10x rewards as cashback whenever you purchase anything through the mobile app. Accumulate cashback offers and redeem them to get free discounts and offers on your favourite brands. Using such a multifunctional application during your everyday shopping can help you to earn gift cards or reward points online.  

Avoiding targeted ads and tracking  

To ensure the security of customers’ data who often do shopping via online mode, private browsers have come into the picture. Shopping through private browsing apps proves highly advantageous while taking participation in reward programs or online surveys. Since it is a private browser, your browsing activity will not be tracked and therefore, it reduces the chance of being targeted with unwanted ads or promotions. This gradually increases the chances of completing more surveys in less time and earning gift cards quickly. There are many businesses that adopt creative ways to give multiple gift cards to their customers to enhance their sales figures.  

Earn reward points through referrals  

Many Instant Cash Back Apps provide referral programs that allow you to earn extra rewards by inviting friends and family to join the app. Take advantage of these referral programs by sharing your referral code or link with your network. When someone signs up using your referral, both you and the new user can earn bonus rewards. This can quickly multiply your earnings and help you reach the 2x mark or beyond. If you are wondering how to hack gift cards online, this can be one of the creative ways to accumulate gift cards and reward points through SyenApp.  

Bypass paywalls and earn gift cards 

There are many online websites or platforms that offer gift cards but with restrictions or require a premium membership in lieu of getting access to reward points. By using SyenApp, a private browsing application, you can easily bypass those restrictions by resetting your session and grabbing exciting reward points and gift cards. It maximizes the chances of getting multiple reward points on top of loyalty programs from brands.  


Gaining gift cards or reward points is truly an alluring experience for a shopaholic person and it is easier to get gift cards by applying the right strategy. By utilizing cashback offers, participating in online surveys, and engaging in social media contests or reward programs, you will gain an all-new shopping experience.