Join SyenApp, Rewards on any brand you shop, 100x Rewards on your first purchase


Earn rewards for every dollar spent on eligible brands, deals, and more when you shop on SyenApp.

According to the study of Bond Brand Loyalty, 66% of customers have modified their spending habits to maximize their reward points and 81% are more likely to purchase from a brand that offers reward programs. The 2020 YouGov survey reported that 78% of respondents are more likely to choose a brand that offers a loyalty program over competitors who don’t.

Undoubtedly, building brand loyalty requires great product quality and customer service, but today’s customers want something more than this. As per the survey, Six out of ten Americans consider reward programs as the main leading factor to retain loyalty towards their brands. The same survey also revealed the fact that almost over 50 percent of American shoppers are likely to get influenced by loyalty programs. 

While the intention is clear from the brands to attract and retain, there are always users concerned with data privacy or prefer to switch brands when offered better deals.

SyenApp is a privacy-focused shopping app that guarantees data privacy while delivering an enhanced shopping experience.  With SyenApp, you can search and shop in private and get rewarded.  When you join SyenApp, you can earn 100x rewards on your first purchase(with a minimum of $10). These 1000 reward points are equal to $10 that you can redeem as PayPal cash or gift cards.

Shopping is more private and fun when done through SyenApp.

  1. Privacy is not complicated on SyenApp

SyenApp with a built-in private incognito browser offers more privacy during online search and shopping. Next time you are ready to shop online at either Macy’s or Walmart, try the same through SyenApp.  Not only it makes it a more personalized and seamless shopping experience, but no one tracks you or retargets you for the one item you left in the shopping cart. 

  1. Get Rewarded on top of your loyalty from brands.

Earn rewards for every dollar spent on eligible brands, deals, and more when you shop on SyenApp.Earn up to 2x on every purchase on any brand you shop on SyenApp. SyenApp has thousands of brands and retailers across more than 12 categories ranging from fashion, electronics, home & living, and more. The functionalities of this application are not just limited discounts or coupons but also send you notifications on special offers and trendy promotions that ensure you maximize the extent of savings.  

  1. Redeem the rewards as cash or gift cards.

SyenApp offers many ways to earn rewards.  You can earn up to 10000 rewards for every friend you refer.  You earn rewards every day for daily logins and many more ways to earn like giveaways, signups, etc. All the rewards can be redeemed when eligible as your favorite gift cards from retailers or even PayPal cash is an option.   SyenApp has rewarded its users with more than 2 Million reward points so far and continues to reward more to make rewards accessible for shoppers without the need for sticking to one or two specific brands.

  1. Your personalized private shopping app.

SyenApp’s mission is to give users a choice and control over the brands they love to follow. SyenApp aggregates all the web content from thousands of brands, be it deals, coupons, or unique products at your fingertips accessible with a quick search and all curated for you as you build your Syenapp profile with your preferences and choice of interests.  Shopping for your favorite brands is more exciting and inspiring on SyenApp than shopping directly on regular browsers. 

  1. Bring your proof of purchase and brand newsletters.

When you join SyenApp, you create your unique SyenApp account that can be used to sign up with brands for newsletters for exclusive coupons and deals. You could also create your loyalty account or sign in accounts with brands using your SyenApp id.  And as you shop with the brands, you can use your syenapp account for e-receipts and order confirmations during checkouts.  This way all your purchase receipts, and order confirmations all sorted, grouped, and made available to you within SyenApp.  

Brands, Rewards, Deals, Emails, Receipts – bring it all into your SyenApp account and stop juggling between multiple shopping sites and apps. And keep it all personal and private completely built it for you.

How does it work? 

Signing up with SyenApp is a seamless experience. Once you download the app from your app store, you need to create your unique account that’s linked with your phone number to ensure you are a real user. Along with gaining reward points, it also ensures the protection of your data from falling into the hands of online hackers who may use it for any erroneous purposes. In today’s world where it has become abundant, SyenApp stands as a game-changer app where you can search and shop privately and still get rewarded. Don’t miss the 100X rewards on the first purchase. Whether you’re a savvy shopper, a bargain hunter, or simply looking to make the most of your purchases, SyenApp opens the door to a world of possibilities. So, what are you waiting for? Download SyenApp today and embark on a rewarding journey like never before!