Conversations, Deals, Proof of purchases – all in one place

When 2020 began and the pandemic struck the world, internet access and adoption increased rapidly, and the number of digital buyers kept climbing. Over two billion people purchased goods or services online and e-retail sales surpassed 4.2 trillion U.S. dollars worldwide. In the same year, global retail e-commerce sales grew by over 25 percent according to Statista

If we are here, we too love shopping and have contributed to the growth of e-commerce. So, which was the best online shopping experience that we have had before using SyenApp? The answer would be, we haven’t had it yet. Want to know why? Because that is what SyenApp is all about, enabling consumers to have the greatest and smoothest online shopping experience ever.   


SyenApp is an ultra-compact and comprehensive app that takes care of you and your needs during all the steps of your shopping journey. 

  • Starting by giving you a new customer ID to sign-up with any category and type of retailer
  • Then it clears your personal inbox off of all the promotional marketing emails by pivoting them to the SyenApp account.  
  • It makes all the vendors and their products available to you under one roof along with the coupons and deals that the specific brand offers.  
  • This helps you to make quick decisions as it is easier for you to compare the products and discounts of every merchant against each other.  
  • SyenApp even allows you to converse directly with the retailers whenever it is necessary.  
  • After you have made your choices, it allows you to make in-app purchases, there and then.  
  • It also securely stores all your receipts. With offline shopping as well, you can scan and save the proof of purchase on SyenApp. 
  • You can even track deliveries and manage order pickups from different vendors in one place with easy clicks. 
  • Consequently, you can show or hide the brands that you like or don’t to personalize your feed.  
  • SyenApp also keeps your spending in check by giving you effective and helpful insights from time to time.  
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SyenApp helps you to stay focused and increases productivity by organizing your inbox and saving your time from having to look for important emails. It makes the already exciting activity of shopping even more enjoyable. Can you believe it? 

So don’t hold yourself back from having the best online shopping experience ever. Download SyenApp now at