Save Yourself from Phishing Emails: Get SyenApp now!

Shopaholics Be Aware! Stay alert of phishing emails. They are fraudulent communications that seem to roll in from a reliable source with the aim to trick a person into giving them sensitive data like credit card and login information or to install malware on the victim’s device. So don’t fall prey to such false pretenses.

A study of more than 55 million emails shows that one in every 99 emails is a phishing attack.  On average, 3 billion phishing emails are sent out every day and 97% of people cannot even identify them. Can you believe it? That is quite alarming, to be honest. 

Usually, the spam filter on your email keeps you from even seeing or opening phishing emails. Nonetheless, swindlers are always working on outwitting these spam filters. So it would be prudent of you to adopt a new layer of protection.

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Do you want to know a free and effortless way to fortify your inbox? We have just what you are looking for, SyenApp is what you need to secure your email address. Organize and Categorize your inbox the SyenApp way! An all-in-one app that delivers the email protection that you deserve. 

How is that, you ask? SyenApp provides you with a new consumer identity by assigning you an email ID. All you have to do is, use that instead of your private email address when you subscribe or sign in with SyenApp to any online shopping store. Following that, all marketing emails, promotions, coupons, and deals are redirected and stored on your SyenApp account. 

In this way, it is not as easy for scammers to obtain your exclusive email address and to keep sending you junk mail. And when you’ll receive an email claiming to be from a trusted e-shop on your personal email account, it will be unchallenging for you to point out that it is fraud. Hence, SyenApp prevents you from being a sitting target for identity theft and helps you keep your inbox personal. 

SyenApp allows you to take control of your own hands, of what and from whom you can receive emails on your personal account. Not only that, it is a one-stop shop to find the best deals for you, store your purchase receipts, locate coupons before they expire, and much more. So why continue to be quick prey for phishing attacks? Get SyenApp now and save yourself from phishing emails

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