Don’t miss out on the best deals for you

As the #holidayshoppingseason is coming soon, there is going to be a profuse amount of #deals and a great variety of #coupons coming your way. As a result, your inbox is going to be overflowing with a crazy amount of non-essential marketing emails. 

(Now just imagine, You’ve found the cutest little blue dress or the perfect funky yellow shirt for the party next week. But in the next 5 minutes, it’s going to go out of stock in your size. You remember you have a coupon that you can use, so you go to your inbox. Oh, no! It’s an absolute mess and you can’t find the mail with the #couponcode. You run out of time and now you’ve missed the opportunity. What you wanted is no longer available. 

That would be a sad and frustrating incident to have, right? In that case, how will you automate your deal-finding experience?)


(When the time comes, how will you find just the right ones for you in that mind-boggling mess? It can be extremely testing and frustrating to go through that. So how will you automate your deal-finding experience?)

best deals

Don’t panic! No need to get all worked up. We have exactly the thing that’ll do the magic for you. It’s a one-stop shop to keep track of all your deals and store every single coupon, called SyenApp. Two easy steps, installing the app and generating your special customer ID, will quickly solve your problem. 

When you use SyenApp to #subscribe or login to different online stores, it redirects every advertising and promotional email to your SyenApp account. It saves all the #vouchers and #discounts that are available to you from one retailer in one place, under one name. This way, they are easily detectable and it also reduces the chances of losing some great deals to spam.

Not just this, wherever you go, whenever you open SyenApp, it will show you the top #special offers that are accessible in your vicinity. SyenApp also sends you reminders about the validity of your redeemable slips and helps you make the best of what you get.

SyenApp’s other functions involve decluttering the mess in your inbox, allowing you to have private conversations with merchants, recording your transactions, safeguarding your receipts, and helping you keep a check on your spending. 

Pertaining to its all-rounder quality, amazing features, and excellent interface, SyenApp recently took home the Platinum award for the Best New Mobile App at the Best Mobile App Awards. 

So don’t stress anymore. Submit yourself to a wonderful and smooth sailing shopping experience with SyenApp.

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