SyenApp: your new consumer identity

What is Email Security?

Did you know that email isn’t a protected medium? The email was created with the goal of being as public and transparent as necessary. Nowadays, it is used for all types of communication, including email marketing. 

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When you use your personal email address to sign up to different retail stores, it allows attackers to use it to create chaos. Hackers send fake messages to encourage people to disclose confidential details, accessible files, or visit hyperlinks that download spyware on the compromised system.

Subsequently, the various strategies and technologies used to safeguard email accounts, information, and communication from illegal access, damage, or invasion, are known as Email Security.

Why is Email Security necessary?

Email protection is vital because of digital vulnerabilities, such as social threats to consumers and firms online. Attackers are always crawling the web for @ signs and can even buy lists legally or illegally from companies. After gaining access to a user’s personal email, cybercriminals can spam all of their contacts. They act as the stolen profile administrator to establish confidence and spread their misdemeanor. If they deceive the wrong recipient, a security violation can occur, which would cost enormous amounts of money.

By employing simple email protection, you can prevent several security concerns that affect email accounts. Thus, it is necessary to apply some type of email security precautions. 

How can SyenApp provide Email Security?

Now, let’s be honest. Everyone loves to shop and even if you don’t, you have obviously used your own email ID at some point to log in and purchase something or the other. This makes it susceptible to fraudsters and scammers. 

So, the most basic and straightforward thing you can do, to save yourself from phishing emails, is to get SyenApp. It is an easy-to-install, free and handy app that gives you a fresh consumer ID. SyenApp receives and collects promotional emails from different merchants and acts as an extra layer of protection. All the advertising emails, coupons, or deals that are sent to you are saved under the respective brand name. You can even block out the ones that you don’t wish to see anymore. To that extent, only crucial and intended mails will be present in your inbox and if you come by any otherwise, you can effortlessly identify if it’s a cyber attack.

Along with this, SyenApp provides end-to-end encryption of all valuable information to maximize security. Email encryption means encoding or masking the email content in order to prevent delicate personal data from being learned, except by the recipient. This makes it tough for spammers to get critical information or infiltrate devices.

So next time, smartly sign-up with SyenApp and get the easy-breezy email security you need. To get your new consumer identity, download the app at now!