Security for email made simpler with SyenApp 

Cybercriminals always have a motive to get into your email account. For starters, email is the most widely used method of digital communication nowadays. It’s also the exclusive identification for many online logins, and that is why hackers continue attacking it. 

Consider this, a hostile third party who hacks into your inbox will find out what services and accounts you are registered for and require password resets for several of them. Furthermore, because most user login requests are sent over email, there really isn’t much you can do to prevent it. In order to hide unusual behavior that can often alert authorities to the breach, a cautious hacker will try to erase traces, i.e., remove all those email verification mails. 

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Then there’s the worst-case circumstance: identity theft. It occurs to millions of Americans each year and can cause major damage. The majority of people’s online identities are tied to their email accounts: Amazon, Facebook, and Twitter are all linked to them. In all these cases, you can reset your password by sending an email. This is the problem. 

Despite these factors, we continue to use our email IDs to subscribe to shopping brands to get the various exclusive coupons and discounts that they offer. But what if I told you that there is a way to do this and have email security at the same time? 


With SyenApp, you now have easy access to efficient and basic email security. SyenApp is a virtual retail shopping mall designed to keep control in the consumer’s hands. As a SyenApp user, you will receive a new consumer identity, which you can use to subscribe to retailers and replace your personal email account with them. Consequently, all coupons, promotions, and marketing emails are redirected to your SyenApp account, and only important personal emails are displayed in your inbox. You will also be protected from phishing attacks and cybercriminals since they cannot find your personal email ID easily, thus preventing them from hacking into it.   

Moreover, SyenApp aggregates the best deals, sales, and offers from over 12000 retailers and brands in over 15 categories, including Electronics, Apparels, Gyming, Food & Dining, and more. You can make in-app purchases, store paper receipts, and e-receipts, and gain insights into your spending.  

The best part is that it is completely free. You can get email security and have an all-in-one enjoyable shopping experience like never before. So hurry up and download the app at today!