Free app that stores all proof of purchases

SyenApp - Manage all promotions, deals, receipts
Proof of Purchase

People often wonder if they could use just one application instead of browsing through many, making their tasks easy. The digital transformation has finally made this possible. In this age of #consumerism, ethical engagements, as well as convenience, play an important role. And imagine if you could store all your purchases in just one app– no hassle, no mess!

Proof of Purchase
A free app that stores all proof of purchases

SyenApp is a great app, which is #consumer-centric. It is the internet’s only core platform, allowing consumers to manage all their opt-ins and subscriptions in one place. This puts control on the consumers, thus enabling businesses to prosper. It is undoubtedly the future standard for consumer-controlled permission marketing. It stores your purchase records without you having to worry about tracking. What’s more? It is a new patented channel immensely trusted by consumers and marketers alike.

This app stores your receipts all in one place, making your purchase experience awesome. As users, we all want to be free from tapping purchases, discounts, deals, coupons, etc. Having to do away with this fatiguing exercise, we definitely look forward to what we have in store. All of this is what SyenApp does for you. The good news is that SyenApp has recently been featured on Startup Grind’s Medium blog as a standout startup.

Storing your purchases should not be your concern, let alone be a part of your routine activities. For all such worries, we have you covered. An amazing app to accompany you every step of the way, get this on your mobile!