Stop the Confusion: Track Orders with SyenApp!

If you enjoy shopping and doing it regularly, then there is often this feeling of excitement and restlessness after you place an order. Maybe because those cool kicks were finally available in your size or because the latest iPhone, which you wanted for so long, was upon sale. Very familiar, right?

Following the ordering process, you are all too eager to know how soon it will be in your hands. Hence, you track the order repeatedly to know exactly where the shipment has reached. Since you’ve already waited long enough to find the best deal on that particular item or you finally have enough savings to buy that expensive limited edition product, you no longer have the patience to stay put until it arrives.  

In such a case, having to go through ten different steps just to check where the parcel has reached can be quite frustrating. Especially when you have separate orders on individual shopping apps that you need to make sure arrive on time. Wouldn’t it just be great if you could receive certain notifications only related to your purchase? That is exactly the kind of magic trick that we have got for you. 

The magician is called SyenApp. A virtual retail shopping mall that gathers all the best deals, coupons, promotions, sales, special offers, and discounts for you in one place. This allows you to make in-app purchases, record all transactions, store all receipts, and the best part, receive selective notifications. By allotting a brand new @syenapp ID to you, SyenApp smoothens the way for smart sign-ups with retailers and collects all marketing and delivery-related emails on the app. 

SyenApp efficiently organizes all of your emails, coupons, and purchases into individual tabs, enabling you to view only what is necessary and concentrate on what you are searching for. In addition, you receive limited notifications for order transactions, such as delivery confirmation, refunds, cancellations, and so on. As contrasted to all email notifications in a conventional email service such as Gmail or Yahoo. 

With the availability of these customizable push notifications, it is easier to keep a track of your orders, conversations, transactions, or just about anything in your shopping journey. You are just one step away from an end-to-end magical shopping experience.

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