SyenApp: The Virtual Retail Shopping Mall

As a frequent shopper, if given a choice, would you like to shop at individual retail stores or at a shopping mall? The mall, right? Because it has all your most-liked brands in one place. Certainly, it’s more convenient to shop at the mall. Whenever you want to buy multiple items or when the holiday season is on and there are exciting sales at every other brand that you know. 

With the novel Coronavirus taking over, the popularity of electronic shopping has increased in recent years. There have been 900 million more, digital consumers, in 2021 than there were in 2020, a growth of 4.4% year on year. The volume of online customers is estimated to reach 2.14 billion in 2021. Exclusive internet shopping occasions with massive discounts, such as Singles’ Day, Amazon Prime Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday, have also contributed to this.

To cater to the excessively present online shopping community, we came up with an innovative idea, which gives you the feel of shopping at a mall from the comfort of your home. SyenApp is a virtual retail shopping mall that holds your emails, coupons, discounts, and e- receipts–in one place.

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virtual shopping mall

SyenApp is one platform that brings in over 12000 retailers and brands to you under one roof. Along with storing all your marketing emails, offers, coupons, and receipts, too. You can load any retailer/brand site and make in-app purchases with the built-in mobile browser. Also, you can switch back and forth from one retailer cart to another to see your items count or billing total. The best coupon codes and deals in the market from your favorite brands are presented to you to choose suitable ones. Just like a mall, over 15 categories, ranging from electronics, and apparel to beauty, and food, are made available for you. 

Now you can get rid of those sundry shopping apps and coupon apps that take up so much storage space and make your mobile device slower. Don’t expose your personal data to vulnerable apps and phishing emails instead, protect your inbox with SyenApp. With guaranteed privacy and more control at your fingertips, SyenApp is the new platform for intelligent consumers to fulfill their shopping.

Even if you are someone who prefers shopping offline, SyenApp finds the best deals for you nearby, wherever you are. So don’t wait any longer,

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