SyenApp for Control and Privacy at your fingertips.

We generally take the privacy and having control over our email inbox lightly. Given the fact that most of us can’t manage without reading our emails daily. But if the Sony Pictures hack taught us anything, it’s that emails are a popular target for cybercriminals and data thieves. As they aren’t a very tough target to hit.

There’s also the matter of monitoring. While not everyone is a spy sending U.S. intelligence to hostile countries via email, the thought that someone might have a tunnel into our private correspondence is troubling.

Not that secure, private email over which you have complete control is not possible. It is entirely up to you to take the necessary actions to keep your email secure. This is easily achievable with the Internet’s only consumer-controlled platform called SyenApp.


SyenApp is a shopping hub that houses over 12000 retailers and brands. It presents an enormous amount of deals, discounts, sales, coupons, and special offers from them all of you. And also stores all your receipts for up to 3 years. 

Now, the way SyenApp grants you the privacy that you wish for is, by giving you a new consumer identity. When you use this @syenapp ID to sign-up with retail stores, all their promotional emails are received on your SyenApp account. So your personal inbox remains spam-free and considerably reduces the chances of you falling prey to a phishing attack. The emails on SyenApp are encrypted from end to end, so no one but you can read them.
  SyenApp is known as a consumer-controlled app because its mission is to hand over the power to the customers. SyenApp users can freely hide/unsubscribe or view the merchants that they don’t or do wish to see, unlike with traditional email clients like Gmail or Yahoo! As you shouldn’t have to go through the pain of a zombie-killing experience when unsubscribing to the unsolicited digital marketing junk.

While email was not built to be safe, there are a few workarounds that people can take to increase their safety and confidentiality. SyenApp not only gives you privacy and control but also lets you enjoy an outstanding shopping experience that can’t be found anywhere else. To learn how simple it is to secure your email privacy and get control over the marketing,

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